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Computer Class Projects:  

Student Programming Projects

Two Player Pong

Hour of Code Projects

Student Created Games


Student Created Logo
Student Created Logo

Computer Science

STEAM Education

Grandview is now a STEAM school.  We offer courses in STEAM

What is STEAM?  Click Here to find out more

Technology at Grandview

Grandview is a Technology oriented school. We are the only K-8 school in the District to offer a 2 year Computer Science Curriculum. Our Curriculum includes the basics of keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Computer Programming and Internet researching techniques. We also have higher level computer classes that teach Multimedia Production, Web Design, Advanced Photoshop techniques and Advanced Computer Programming. 

Our School has 3 Computer Lab and each class has the latest presentation technology.  All students visit Computer labs weekly and using Technology is part of all students education. 


Students Programming in Scratch
Students Programming in Scratch

CS Elective


Computer Lab 1
Computer Programming
Computer Programming