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Mission & Vision


Grandview College Preparatory Academy

795 N. Grandview Lane, Valinda, CA 91744

Tel:  626-934-5810      Fax:  626-934-5830


Vision Statement

Grandview College Preparatory Academy: Where parents, students, and staff work together to create a happy, caring community of life-long learners.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Grandview community to work collaboratively to ensure that each student will be prepared for post-secondary education.


Learning Environment - Our Goals:

Promote student accountability 

Personalize student learning by knowing our students well 

Structure curriculum to create independent and critical thinkers 

Create a community of learners who know and respect each other Increase parent involvement and communication

Create a college-going environment where students are educated on how to attend the university or college of their choice

The Grizzly Way!